Dumpster Pricing

A Picture Of A Green Dumpster That Was Dropped Of A Customers House In Omaha Before Being Filled By The Customer

The Rental Price of the dumpster depends on what and how long the dumpster is needed. It also depends on size as well. The bigger the dumpster and the heavier the items the more expensive it can cost. With most of our rentals we will ask you how long you need the dumpster for and what type of debris you are going to be throwing into it. If you are just going to be using it for branches, yard clean up or one type of debris it is usually less costly as the dump fee is cheaper for us to get rid of those objects. If you are using it for general construction trash sometimes it can become very expensive especially if you throw away items that are not permitted in the dumpster. If you decide to get rid of old car batteries, house paint, and chemical items and then cover it with all your other trash, when our driver takes it to the dump and they see it he receives a fine and must remove the items and dispose of them properly costing us time and money, which in turn the fee will be applied to your bill for violating the service contract and trying to dispose of items we can not take. If you have items that need to be disposed of you let us know and most likely we can handle it for you.

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